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Are you in 'waiting mode?' (+ baby update)

Published 11 months ago • 1 min read


Hope you're doing well and having a beautiful day.

Personally, I've been living in 'waiting mode' the last week or so waitin' on this baby! It got me thinking about how often in life we are in the 'waiting mode' instead of appreciating the day (and making the most of it).

I think tomorrow's gonna be the day everything changes. I recorded a lil' mini podcast episode sharing updates and an inquiry on the concept of WAITING for things to happen in life vs. actively working towards them.

Also, I wanted to share a quick update that I'm taking a break from connecting over email for awhile, but will be sharing updates on Instagram and intending to post weekly or bi-weekly podcast updates (on Spotify, Apple and YouTube) as a creative outlet! We'll see if that's possible or if I'm being way too unreasonable.

Thank you for being along on this journey! Excited to see how this next chapter of life unfolds :)


Hi! I'm Gwen!

I help in-demand experts, digital creators, and best-selling authors turn their knowledge into online courses. Start with a micro course!! Over 80 courses created since 2012, +1m students and +10,000 hours invested in the industry!

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