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clear clutter for clarity

published3 months ago
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Clutter is modern kryptonite.

Full inboxes. Too many texts. Notifications dinging or vibrating even though you swore you turned them off.

Clutter could be holding you back from dreaming up your next chapter. Maybe it’s creating a micro course? (I can help you with that) Starting a new job search. Dusting off that passion project?

Having clutter subtly affect you can cause your focus to split which s l o w s down momentum. Ugh. Today I encourage you to take one step in clearing clutter for new creative energy.

What’s one area you could declutter?

  • Your desk or workspace?
  • Your laptop screen?
  • Unfollow a few people on social?
  • Your calendar (too many meetings)!
  • One inbox? (LinkedIn, Twitter, IG, email, FB)

Do the easiest thing that will help energize you at the start of this new week!

I’ll be tackling the ol’ personal inbox as that often gets dusty. I’m on it if you reply to this email though if you have any course creation questions :)

Thank you again for signing up! I look forward to supporting you in creating your course-based business!


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