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Feeling behind?

published3 months ago
1 min read

Me too.

My first thoughts this morning were along the lines of, ‘I should’ve got up earlier…responded to emails over the weekend…wish I was done this and that already…’


Especially at this time of year when obligations seem to pile up.

Family time. Holiday shopping. Sick family members. Finishing work projects before the end of the year. And what about your own personal projects?

It’s enough to make ya want to crawl back into bed and hibernate until spring.

Luckily after a coffee and some breathing to quiet the mind (sans the phone in hand) I remembered.

What we give our attention to (feeling behind) will continue to expand.

So I pulled out a pen and paper and started brainstorming how I want to feel today (clear, confident, ease) and some micro activities that will help me line up with that to start building momentum (i.e. simply answering one email at a time, and scheduling time to work on my microcourse project).

If you’re feeling behind, give yourself some grace today and do something small that helps you shift from feeling behind to right on time.

Truth is, feeling behind is a state of mind…you’re exactly where you need to be right now.

Wishing you a glorious week,

- Gwen

Creator of the microcourse (coming soon)