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How to choose your next teacher…

published2 months ago
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As we approach a fresh month, it’s the perfect time to assess who you want to start learning from to create your ideal reality going into 2023.

It was this time last year that I enrolled in Sheri Salata’s flagship online program (The Course* not an affiliate link 😜). I was deeply inspired with how Sheri went from a top TV executive and producer at the Oprah Winfrey Show and Network to transitioning to a best-selling author and phenomenal course instructor.

My intention going into her course was to go from course producer to teacher. I am so happy to share that I am living that reality now. I’ve been teaching on social media consistently for the past three months and am soon launching the micro course!

Here are a few considerations as you find new teachers for the new year:

Seek teachers who are a case study for their teaching. Teachers who embody their education and also seem to be having a great time teaching are who I’m drawn to these days!

Seek teachers who uplift you. At this stage, you have complete control over who you let into your world. Ideally you want to feel uplifted, inspired and eager to put the teachings into practice.

Seek teachers who welcome you into their world. I’m a member of a few different online communities and courses. It makes a huge difference to feel appreciated and welcomed when you join (and stick around).

Wishing you so much success in finding that perfect teacher for your next stage in life!!

- Gwen