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Laid off -> dream life

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Gwen here. You may have signed up for my online course producer toolkit (over two years ago…and didn’t hear from me since 😱) or perhaps signed up for microlearning tips recently (my current focus 🤩)!

Thank you for signing up! I am a big fan of clearing clutter from the inbox, so I’d love to share with you what to expect from this email so you can either effortlessly unsubscribe or stick around for the tips!

Firstly, a quick story about why I’m reconnecting now.

The last six months has absolutely shook up my life.

In July, I was let go from my full-time online course producer role.

In August, I found out I was pregnant! A joyful, but unexpected surprise.

September, I just felt nauseous and was basically curled up in a ball watching TikTok videos and working on my business whenever respite hit.

October, I came back to life!

November, I’m feeling very appreciative for the fundamentals. Health. Energy. Family. Taking it day by day and slowly building my business in a sustainable way.

New direction: start micro

I’m creating a micro course program to help in-demand professionals, ecomm entrepreneurs, and passionate hobbyers create their first digital product. Sign up here to know when it’s live! Microlearning is an exciting format to create your first course as you can do it with a tiny team, timeline and budget!

After co-creating over 80 online courses, I’ve discovered that capable, respected professionals feel overwhelmed by the process of creating a flagship course. It’s a lot of work. If you know, you know.

Going forward you can expect a micro newsletter from me with a quick tip, story, case study or tool to help you make progress on creating and launching your online course. Considering calling it ‘micro Monday’ and starting the week with a zip of inspiration!

Thank you again for signing up! I look forward to supporting you in creating your course-based business!


P.s. I share daily online course creation tips on Twitter and LinkedIn!