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Launch hangover...

Published about 1 year ago • 1 min read

Launching my podcast last week really shook me up.

Creating it felt easy and fun…but releasing it?

Hooo boy.

My sister–in-law texted me about it, and I realized REAL people in my life will actually HEAR IT!

Cue me wanting to hide.

And by hiding, I essentially mean disconnecting.

In the past, a few beers could help me disconnect.

Now, being 7 months pregnant, my disconnection “tools” are eating way too much sugar (hello brownies) or too much YouTube.

It definitely sucks when the fear (temporarily) wins, though now I don’t let it win for long.

So how do you get back on track when the urge to check-out pops up?

My quick tip is to find tiny ways to take better care of yourself.

It may be a short walk. A glass of water. Meditation. Calling a friend. Scheduling a therapy or coaching session. Stepping away from tech. Watching some comedy!

What can you do in the moment to feel a little bit better?

On the podcast I go deeper into this topic and share 2 Ways to Overcome Resistance (And Create What You Desire) linked below!

One of my intentions with creating a podcast and a course-based business is to commit to stepping up as a leader and teacher and helping others do the same!

If you would like some support with this, check out the link below with upcoming offerings (both free and paid) comin’ up in next few weeks!

Have a wonderful day!




Hi! I'm Gwen!

I help in-demand experts, digital creators, and best-selling authors turn their knowledge into online courses. Start with a micro course!! Over 80 courses created since 2012, +1m students and +10,000 hours invested in the industry!

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