This *sneaky* fear can hold you back from creating your online course...

published3 months ago
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“What if my students don’t get results from taking my course?”

This is a natural concern that credible course creators care a lot about.

But if this thought paralyzes you from taking action, read on!

Personally, I hate the idea of being paid without the student achieving the promised outcome.

I hated it so much in fact that for many years, I found a ‘solution.’

Instead of teaching a course, I would be an online course producer working very closely with course creators.

I would do a lot of the course creation work so it was virtually guaranteed they’d get the promised outcome (create a course that becomes a cornerstone of their business income).

It was a helpful service, but it led me to burnout and resentment too many times to count.


I had no boundaries.

I chose to work with the best of the best people, and subconsciously decided I would always be available.

Work on a Sunday? Of course.

Answer an email right away. Absolutely.

Hop on a call to discuss (anything). I’m there.

Give away a ton of advice to potential clients (for free). Anytime.

What I’ve recently discovered is going on here: high-functioning co-dependence.

Psychotherapist Terri Cole defines this as being “overly invested in the feeling states, outcomes, decisions, relationships and circumstances of the people in your life to the detriment of your own internal peace and well-being.

You’re essentially in an overt or covert bid to control people’s outcomes.

I felt like I could help control outcomes better if I was doing the work myself instead of teaching how to do it.

It’s kind of like a personal trainer saying, “Step aside, I’ll lift this weight for you” instead of showing you how to do it!

Your students need to lift the weight and feel the discomfort to start building muscle and achieve their desired results.

So if this resonates with you…what the heck do you do?

In full transparency, I’m still in the midst of figuring this out, but here’s what’s working:

- Create healthy work boundaries (i.e. Don’t answer emails after 5pm)

- Say no to requests (I used to say yes to any slightly interesting ‘coffee date’ chat)

- Get clarity on what aspect of work gives you energy vs. drains you

- Create more blank space on my calendar, so I can make better decisions.

- Get over my fears and actually step up as a leader and teacher

How do I know it’s working?

I’m happy! I am excited about work. I look forward to dreaming, creating and launching.

On Thursday I’ll be launching my podcast (both video + audio) and on Monday March 20th I’ll officially be opening enrollment for Lead the Course - create and sell the first version of your online course in 4 weeks!

If you’re ready to give up high-functioning co-dependence, hit reply and let me know one boundary you can put in place to help give you peace of mind!

Wishing you a great week!!!


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