Tired AND Inspired

published24 days ago
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Welp, I'm about a day away from my official baby due date!

Please send all virtual positive vibes ✨ I am totally bewildered that sometime soon I will shift my identity to becoming a MOM!

I recorded a short podcast sharing some life + course creation updates below if interested in hearing more!

Also, if you want to learn from an inspiring seasoned course creator, I highly recommend listening to last week's podcast episode with Jam Gamble! Jam teaches people how to use their voice as their ultimate superpower. She's taught over 1,000 people and she's gearing up for her 8th cohort of her signature course in the fall. She is one of the more uplifting, joyful, inspiring people to learn from, and highly recommend listening (or click below to watch us on YouTube)!

Thank you so much for reading and for your support!! Wishing you a glorious rest of your week!!


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