An AWESOME (audio) announcement 🎧

published3 months ago
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Happy Thursday!

Today I am thrilled to share that I’ve launched a podcast!




Quick story: When I got laid off in July of last year I thought it would be the ideal time to start a podcast.

Then I got pregnant.

Then I got morning sickness.

And the idea to start a podcast stayed as an idea.

When I got married in January and became Gwen Aussem I joked that I finally need to embody living an awesome life.

This led to the idea percolating to start recording solo episodes of how I’ve intentionally been building my business and dreaming up how I might live a truly enjoyable life.

I recorded a few episodes, and decided that now is the time to launch it. WHY NOT!?

So today I’m thrilled to have three episodes and a trailer live with many more on the way!

Soon I will also host interviews where I’ll feature guests who are teaching online and creating a course-based business!

If you have any suggestions for guests or want to be on the show - hit reply!!

The show will be weekly on Thursdays and I’ll also start sharing my weekly newsletters on Thursdays as well. I personally find that I kinda dread looking at my email inbox on Mondays so I’m switchin’ it up 🙂

If you listen, hit reply and let me know what you think!!


Creator of Lead the Course (enrollment opens Monday)!

Creator of The Microcourse

Hi! I'm Gwen!

I help in-demand experts, digital creators, and best-selling authors turn their knowledge into online courses. Start with a micro course!! Over 80 courses created since 2012, +1m students and +10,000 hours invested in the industry!

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