Fun is True Replenishment

publishedabout 1 month ago
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9 months ago I was laid off from my full-time course-creation job.

Today I found out that same company eliminated another 20% of the workforce in a company-wide downsizing.

Truth is… getting laid off was a true blessing in disguise for me.

Not only was I able to go all in on working on my biz (helping inspiring experts create their online courses)...but I'm expanding my family and got married and pregnant!

So if you’re doom scrolling today and start to feel fear and scarcity…I encourage you to pause (or stop altogether).

On today’s podcast, I share a quick reminder of the importance of prioritizing having fun even if you feel you need to be wildly responsible.

We’ve only got one shot at life, and if we take it too seriously…we’ll miss the magic.

Today’s short podcast is all about how fun can lead to replenishment, which can then open new doors of opportunity!

You can watch/listen on YouTube or find the podcast on Spotify and Apple!

Take good care of you and be sure to prioritize pockets of fun this week!

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