Don’t cheat the world of your contribution…

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Happy Thursday!

Do you have something on your mind or heart that you REALLY want to do, but can’t seem to get it started or build meaningful momentum?

You may be facing: THE RESISTANCE.

Prolific author Steven Pressfield writes extensively about this topic. He has sold 1m copies of his books, and yet spent 17 years writing (and attempting to write) before he earned his first paycheck.

I thought of his work and quotes as I faced resistance this week! In the course creation world resistance can and will absolutely pop up.

When you’re creating your course, you step up as a leader and teacher which can trigger this resistance (self-sabotage).

On today’s short podcast episode I share a reflection and some simple tips to remind you you’re not alone if you feel this way, and it can be easier than we realize to snap out of it and get back in the zone!!

You can watch/listen on YouTube or find the podcast on Spotify and Apple!

May you have a glorious rest of your week!



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