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Imperfect > STUCK 🌸

Published about 1 year ago • 1 min read

Happy Thursday!

Sending you lots of uplifting wishes for a new season and a new quarter!

A quick reminder and invitation to share with you today.

Whenever I feel “stuck” in life, I realize I have fallen back into a pattern of wanting to do everything right (or ‘perfect’ the first time).

Hooo boy that slows all progress to a halt and also takes the fun outta everything.

I offer you this reminder today: taking imperfect action on anything (i.e. a long overdue conversation, posting on social media for the first time, making a meal for your extended family), can offer so much rejuvenation, learning and growth.

This has been a big message for me this year, specifically with learning to drive a car!

I’m absolutely a late bloomer in this domain and was afraid to drive imperfectly.

Turns out pretty much everyone on the road is driving imperfectly, yet we all are still getting from A to B.

I faced the fears and have been taking driving lessons the last few months and yesterday I took my imperfect shot with taking the road test…AND I PASSED!!! WOOHOOO!!

I can officially legally drive alone for the first time in my life!!

Hit reply and let me know what’s on your mind to take an ‘imperfect shot’ at!


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The goal is to create and sell the first version of your signature online course. No perfectionism required on V1!!

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Wishing you a glorious, abundant day!


P.s. New podcast episode available now on turning your mood around!

Hi! I'm Gwen!

I help in-demand experts, digital creators, and best-selling authors turn their knowledge into online courses. Start with a micro course!! Over 80 courses created since 2012, +1m students and +10,000 hours invested in the industry!

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