my #1 takeaway on the future of online courses

published2 months ago
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Earlier this week I was on a four hour training hosted by one of my course creation mentors about the future of online courses.

I have a 20 page Google doc of notes. Let’s just say, the future is VERY, VERY bright in the online course world.

Online courses hit a peak in 2020 when online learning accelerated out of necessity, though it’s continuing to skyrocket.

But, there’s one big difference.

The aftermath of the last couple years has left many of us feeling disconnected and isolated, craving real connection and support.

One key takeaway from the training was a quote from guest speaker Patrice Washington: “Greatness is not created in isolation.”

Online courses, specifically courses with a live teaching element or community, have the power to inspire greatness and connection for students.

And as the teacher of the course, you’ll need to step up in a new way as a leader awakening you to a new level of energy, alignment and zest for life!

If you’re feeling the curiosity or interest in learning how to lead your own course, I’d be honored to be your coach and guide.

I created a four-week immersive program called Lead the Course to help new course creators create and sell the first version of their signature online course.

You can learn more about the program here! I’m truly inspired by the people who have signed up so far and are ready to lead their own course! I hope you’ll be there too :)

If you have any questions, hit reply and I’d be happy to answer asap!

Take good care of you and talk soon!

- Gwen

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