the start is the hardest part

publishedabout 2 months ago
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I got my driver’s license last week!

A true joy (and relief) to finally check this one off the bucket list.

Now here’s the thing…my husband and I have one car and it’s a stick shift.

He loves it. I am *ahem* learning to love it.

I took driver’s lessons with an automatic and it felt like a breeze. Every time I drove his car it felt like an awkward struggle.

Well, the truth is STARTING the car is the hardest part.

The stalling and chugging when I was first learning was embarrassing. Of course I know I SHOULD have compassion and grace with myself, but it’s damn hard to suck at something when you have high expectations.

This got me thinking…what other areas of life am I being way too hard on myself at the start?

One area has been creating and launching my Lead the Course online program.

I’ve been producing courses for 10 years, but realize teaching it is still rather new to me!

There have been familiar moments of clunkiness and doubt, but after teaching live yesterday I remembered the euphoria and appreciation that comes with overcoming your resistance, doubts and fears… and going for it!

Today I want to remind you to give yourself an extra dose of patience and love when starting something new.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy, focus, and even courage especially when it’s something important to you!

Wishing you lots of progress in new beginnings!!!


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